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Important Clan Tags / Clan Picture or Other

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Ok people we need your input from where we go from here. We are going for an open door policy now to allow potential recruits to join us in teamspeak to see if they would like to join us.

There will be alot of perks for becoming a member for example having access to our whats app group and our uplay group. You will always have priority over non members in any matches.

Our main problem here is we dont want people wanting to say they are a member just to abuse this system, We want to implement some form of unity between ourselves and our members that show us that you are willing to be linked to CW.

Our preferred method is to use clan tags at the end of your uplay name. But we do understand some members do not like this, so another alternative would be to use a clan picture which will be a designed picture and have your Uplay name edited onto the picture.

If you have any ideas please let us know so we can discuss this as a community.

Many Thanks

Posted Sep 24, 18 · OP
sound's good
Posted Sep 25, 18
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