Hey everyone.

Its so good to see our members list growing, and getting more recruits.

Now i i think that we have got to the stage where we can now put together 1 maybe 2 squads that will go into scrims with other squads to see how we fair. If all goes well who knows where we can go.

If you are interested in becoming more serious and would like to play with a full 5 man squad in a competitive environment then please let me know. We will be holding our first event on Tuesday 13th November at 9pm GMT. If this does now suit you and you cant make it, but are really wanting to participate and become a competitive player then please let me know times and days you are available and we will be able to work with you and try to arrange a time that suits all.

Our main goal is to try and have 2 squads but if we can make 2 squads but have more than 5 people then we will still set up a full team and a back up team that can still participate in squad practice and strats exercise.

I hope that we do have a good turn out for the event.